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Dignity for Life – Palliative Care
in the Comfort of your Home

Most seriously ill people wish to stay in the comfort of their homes as long as possible and to avoid hospitalization.

Yet, they are often afraid that the best care cannot be provided at home. They fear that qualified personnel will be unavailable at night or on weekends or that relatives are overwhelmed by the extent of the task of taking care of them.

Together with our partners, we offer an ambulant palliative care, which …

  • caters directly to your individual needs,
  • sees to your comfort providing the best pain-management available,
  • shows consideration for your psychological, spiritual, and religious background,
  • supports your loved ones in providing home care and comforts them,
  • is available to you and your loved ones 24/7, no matter what.

In order to coordinate and organize this patient-centered care optimally, we have formed a strong network of trained experts in the field of palliative care (HospizPalliativNetz).

We take care of all issues associated with your medical condition. We support you and your loved ones by providing the assistance you require in order to live out your life in dignity.

We help you and your family to …

  • make sure that you will be treated exclusively in accordance with your needs and wishes,
  • enable anyone involved in your treatment, such as your family doctor, medical specialists, your pain therapist, care providers, pharmacists, and physical therapists, to participate in providing you with the best care possible by keeping them up-to-date on your etiopathology (development of your illness),
  • ensure that you will have to endure little or no pain or other physically or emotionally trying conditions,
  • avoid unnecessary transport or hospitalization,
  • deal with and master possible crises and forge a network linking the care providers who need to be involved.

Finally, we see to it that your family will be included into the care concept and will be adequately supported and attended to. Even if hospitalization is unavoidable or if you are released from hospital, we will be immediately available to ensure the continuation of your care concept without any interruption.

The ZAPV, the Center for Ambulant Palliative Care, offers you a comprehensive care concept during the most trying phase of your life and supports you and your loved ones in the comfort of your home.

ZAPV closely collaborates and cooperates with a host of health care providers, hospices, and palliative care providers in the region, thus forming an excellent network of palliative expertise.

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